A woman has filmed a hovering alien UFO in Mexican State of Baja, California. The video has gone viral on social media. It has also become a debatable topic among the alien experts. Most of the experts are saying that this is the first alien UFO sighting in New Year. The video has stunned the whole Mexican State as the alien object is a lot identical to humans. The video also shows a vertical object that is taller than wider. This alien UFO was hovering above the rooftops in the orange sky. A UFO expert Pedro Martinez describes it as an alien UFO.

He says that aliens are aware of all the activities of human beings in space. With increasing launch of space missions, the alien’s monitoring of our planet is also increasing. He also says that 2018 would be most important in this regard. Martinez is referring to the recent space launch of America. Here, it is pertinent to mention that America has recently launched SpaceX. There are reports that this space launch has a lot of spy satellite of the US.

America wanted to launch this spaceship in orbit with Falcon 9 rocket. But, it failed to do so, and the space mission went lost. Now, they believe that this mission had either collapsed into the sea or had broken into the atmosphere. SpaceX has not given much details of the mission as it was a top secret.

Like all other UFO’s people are considering it a hoax. Some are saying that it is a human being wearing a jetpack. The captured figure does not look exactly like a human being. There is also no alternate footage of this object that may help the alien experts to either confirm the video or disprove it. It has become the most debatable alien UFO.