Rishabh Rajvanshi - Editor-in-Chief

Chief Editor with relevant experience of three years, Rishabh has co-founded The Indian Tribune. He has written several reviews, latest technology news articles and high-level documentation.
You can contact Rishabh at editor[at]

Kanishk Singh - Senior Editor

Kanishk Singh, co-founder of the website with three years of experience in the newspaper industry. Apart from writing and editing articles on Science and Space at The Indian Tribune, he also contributes to a local newspaper.
Contact him at kanishk[at]

Anuj Pahal - Contributing Editor

Born in Haryana, brought up in New Delhi, Anuj Pahal, co-founder of The Indian Tribune who contributes as an editor. He is best known for his research on global warming and his love for the nature.
Contact: anuj[at]

Nikita Verma - Author

A news media professional with a strong experience in online journalism, content management and social media. Nikita’s strength includes the sound knowledge of online media, detecting potential trend worthy subjects, discovering news and proficiency in packaging content for web and mobile.
Contact: nikita[at]

Priyanka Choudhary - Author

Analytical and detail-oriented technology journalist, who is having a vast experience in writing gadget reviews. Priyanka has a strong background in writing with excellent editing and proofreading skills.
Contact her at priyanka[at]

Kshitij Sharma - Author

Kshitij Sharma is a budding journalist who intends to build a bright career in the media industry. He is an automobile enthusiast who loves to cover latest news on automobiles, smartphones and other tech affairs.
Reach him out at kshitij[at]

Nandeesh Singhal - Associate Author

Nandeesh Singhal, one of the associate writers at The Indian Tribune, has been taking care of all the Tech related coverage. He loves to write about the latest technology, and before joining The Indian Tribune Nandeesh was a part of the editorial board of a local magazine.
Contact him at nandeesh[at]

Shivani Dutta - Associate Author

Shivani Dutta is an environment activist with broad, deep experience in print and online writing, publication and site management, news coverage, and editorial team management.
Contact: shivani[at]

Shivangi Gupta - Graphic Designer

Appointed for Graphic Designing task, Shivangi had started her career with Multimedia School, where she has learned many skills. She started from assistant level and promoted to Head Position because of her good performance.
Get in touch with her at shivangi[at]

Siddharth Chittora - Photographer

A freelance media professional with hands-on experience in the field of Journalism, Photography, Digital Cinematography, Video production and Filmmaking. Siddarth works with the many International and domestic companies and helps them with visual content and branding solutions.
You can contact him at siddharth[at]

Anurag Goyal - Webmaster

He is responsible for Website Maintenance, Digital Marketing, Marketing , Branding and Promotional Work, Event Management and Organising Trainings, Business Development. Anurag had worked with Web Designing Company, where he was also handling SEO work. He has undertaken several IT Trainings.
Contact: anurag[at]

Raghav Aggarwal - ADs manager

Raghav Aggarwal manages ad inventories at The Indian Tribune and deals with online ad marketing companies to promote the website. He has skills to optimise Google Adsense, DoubleClick for Publishers for small business and other ad management services.
To contact Raghav, email him at raghav[at]