The preliminary data issued by various governmental and non-governmental organisations report that Madhya Pradesh will restore the status of “Tiger State”.

Madhya Pradesh had been a “tiger state” for decades as it was the abode of huge numbers of wild cats. It lost the title in 2014 when the population of tigers declined rapidly. The title shifted to Karnataka.

State Forest Research Institute recently released the data of geographical mapping which detected that tigers have been cited at 1,432 beats as opposed to 717 beats in 2014. The forest officer who is serving for wildlife protection in the state declared that the current data directs that tiger population may extend over 400 in Madhya Pradesh.

“This evidence will certainly lead to more number of tigers when the actual counting of tigers is done by the year-end. As per 2014 Tiger Census, the state had 308 tigers but this year it is expected to be 400,” said officials of the forest department.

Madhya Pradesh has been working for the protection and conservation of flora and fauna while the numbers of tiger death are increasing in Maharashtra. It has been recorded that approximately 55 tigers have been traced dead from the last four years. The year, 2017 fluctuated the graph with 22 deaths.

As per the government data, in 2014 six tigers died, which doubled in 2015, 14 tigers were traced dead while 2016 holds the record of 22. The recorded data mentions that this year over 10 tigers have already died due to various reasons in Maharashtra.

Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) declared that Maharashtra ranked second highest in tiger deaths in India in 2017.