The first decade of the 21st century is remarkable for the advancement in the field of online marketing and sales. This trend is still growing at a very fast speed. New changes are daily emerging in the online marketplace. Recently, a business deal related to the sale of Snapdeal to Flipkart has come in the news. Snapdeal is a New Delhi-based Indian e-commerce company. Kalaari Capital is a renowned investors’ group of India. It had invested in Snapdeal at the time of its inception.

Softbank is a Tokyo-based Japan bank which is the biggest investor in Snapdeal. Now, this bank and Kalaari Capital agree to sell the company to Flipkart, a big online retailer operating in India. The only one thing resisting this deal is the capital value of the company. Softbank is dealing with Flipkart for $1 billion estimated value of Snapdeal. Kalaari Capital has come in the way saying that the capital of Snapdeal is about $6.5 billion.

Nexus Venture is another investor in Snapdeal which is still unaware of this sale deal. Softbank cannot complete the deal without onboarding one of the two business partners. There is news about Kalaari Capital’s interest in the sale of the company also. Kalaari Capital will discuss with Softbank about the estimated capital value of Snapdeal to arrive at some agreement.

Experts are hoping Softbank to step into the largest e-commerce platform after the finalization of this deal. According to some authentic sources, this is a two-way deal. The Softbank will also invest in Flipkart about $1 billion to $1.5 billion to make it the largest online retailer.

There is news of the sale of another company Free Charge. Both Snapdeal and Free Charge are the companies acquired by InfoTech. But unlike Snapdeal, there are many other companies interested to buy Free Charge. The estimated capital value of the Free Charge has also decreased a lot due to the news of its sale. Free Charge is going for sale at $45-$75 million as compared to its value at the peak time. Snapdeal acquired it at a deal of $400-$450 million.