Visa problem will take a toll on Indian IT professionals’ dream jobs in the USA. Indian IT giant Infosys is planning to hire American workers for their offices in the USA. Infosys is planning to open four more offices in North America. They will hire about 10k employees for their new branches in the USA. Infosys may not outsource workers from India again. This is bad news for thousands of IT workers in India.

Infosys has offices in both, India and the US. The main spokesperson for the company shared the future plan with the media. According to him, Infosys needs to hire a mixture of global talents. It is not that Infosys does not like to work with their Indian employees. But for their American centers, they want local talents. Outsourcing talents from India always come under scrutiny in America. US citizens need jobs, and Indian citizens are facing Visa troubles. So, it is convenient for Infosys to hire local citizens. This decision is expected to make a huge impact on the American economy.

Every year, the USA allows a certain number of Indian citizens’ visas.  A majority of these visas are for students going to the USA for advanced studies. The rest of the visas are for the employees. The US recently accused Tata and Infosys of unfairly getting visas for their employees. Infosys is taking a stand to save its reputation in America. If this Indian IT giant creates more jobs for American citizens, the US government is sure to allow the company better opportunities. It is a win-win situation for Infosys. But everything is still at the planning stage, and it will take some time for the company to start the new US branches.

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At this moment, more than 200,000 employees are working for Infosys. Every year, hundreds of Indian IT graduates are leaving the country to work for Infosys, USA. American citizens are also working in Infosys. Right now, Infosys branches in the USA have both Indians and American workers. But the situation may change very soon, and only American citizens may get to work with Infosys in the USA.

Infosys will very soon announce more details about company’s projects. They are yet to select four American cities where they would like to open their new branches.

Apart from opening offices, Infosys also plans to open IT schools in the USA to train future employees.