French Fries

The new study conducted by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that regular consumption of fried potatoes can lead to early death. This is really very shocking news as almost all of us eat very often as its tastes good. The French fries is not good for health as these are loaded with carbohydrates and fat. It does not just increase the weight but also a slow poison that is linked to an increased risk of death.

This study was conducted on 4,400 people in North America aged between 45 to 79 years. The team has kept a record of how often these people eat the fried and unfried potato. The team has found that 236 participants died during the course of the study. The researchers have revealed that participants who consume fried potato twice in a week or more had double the risk of early death in comparison to who did not eat deep fried potato at all.

The team has clarified that this mortality risk is associated with deep fried potato only, not with potato in general. The people who ate boiled or grilled potato did not face any kind of heath challenge. Potatoes are itself packed with nutrients like fiber, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants. So potatoes, in general, possess no risk and they are not really unhealthy as well. However, our cooking procedure makes them unhealthy food.

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Further to clarify, this study only finds the relationship between intake of fried potatoes and risk of early death. However, it does not give any idea that they can, by themselves are responsible for the death.

In fact, more research is required in order to get better clarity. There are many factors that play the role, like the quality of used oil, the high intake of fried foods and much more. So, in order to validate this study, deep research is required.

Previous studies also say that foods cooked at high temperature may produce cancer-causing agent acrylamide. However, the effect of this chemical on the human body is not definite yet.

Such foods are really alarming for our life and in fact, we should stay away from them as much possible. They are very unhealthy and possess the high risk to life.