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Mobile Broadband quality is the key to customer satisfaction of Telecom Operators: Report


A new data accumulated by a consumer research done by Ericsson ConsumerLab shows that poor mobile broadband service is the main reason for losing customer loyalty on the telecom operators. The Swedish company has collected extensive data both qualitatively and quantitatively to point out the faults in the current services provided by mobile service providers.

Scale of the Research

The research is based on thousands of smartphone users from countries like China, India, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Oman, Russia, South Korea and the USA. Studying this massive amount of collected data, Ericsson has been able to find out the main factors that influence the consumers.

Evolution of Consumer Demands

The network performance has always been the primary reason for a customer’s loyalty for a particular telecom provider. With the change in usage pattern of modern day consumers, the definition of network performance has gradually evolved. The increase in video streaming through mobile applications has put a lot of emphasis on the mobile internet quality.

In present day scenario, customers are more loyal to the telecom operator providing the best mobile broadband service. The global survey reveals that even though the cellular network technology has been considerably upgraded in the past few years, the number issues faced by each consumer have remained the same.

Notable Points for Telecom Operators

The increased internet usage in today’s cellular devices has added a lot of points for a telecom operator to consider to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Factors like web page loading speed, buffer-free video streaming, photo uploading speed are some of the primary deciding factors among modern day consumers.

According to Ericsson, the other thing that motivates potential customers into choosing a telecom operation is the pricing. In fact, the cost and quality are co-related with each other. But, the survey reveals that quality is almost three times more valuable than tariff among present mobile users. This means that a cellular service provider can achieve the perfect balance by giving most of its attention to the performance of its mobile broadband services.

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