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What is Zika virus, its cause, symptoms and treatment


There has been current epidemic in the air called Zika virus. This is a mosquito-borne virus spreading worldwide and is a matter of concern because of its connection with the neurological birth disorder. The virus is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes which causes mild febrile viral illness. The virus has been spread all over the world, and Brazil seems to be affected much more than any other nation. This is the same mosquito which spreads dengue and chikungunya.

It is transmitted through a mosquito bite, which can be found nearby buildings of urban areas. The peak timings of biting are early morning and late afternoons which during daytime only. This is not confirmed, but the virus can be transmitted through sexual transmission and blood transfusion. Transmission might happen from a pregnant mother to a baby. Two to seven days is the incubation period.

The main symptoms of this virus are low fever, less than 38.5 degree Celsius. Around 1 out of 5 is ill with this virus. Other symptoms are a a headache, muscle pain, joint pain, rash and red eye. People will suffer from constipation and digestive problems. The symptoms will last for a longer duration despite mild illness.

After diagnosis, it is seen that this is the same mosquito which spreads dengue and chikungunya. If in any case you have travelled then few test is must such as blood test, urine test and saliva test for the virus. If a person develops any symptoms which are mention above, he/she should consult a doctor immediately.

There is no such treatment for Zika virus. Get as much rest as you can with plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and prescribed medicines to reduce fever.

One should make his/her environment clean by spraying insecticides or using barriers like repellents, closed doors and windows. Reducing breeding of mosquitoes and avoiding trips to those places which are highly at risk.

Zika causes yellow fever and comes from the same family with alarming connections with the neurological disorder at birth, which means babies will be born with small heads.

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