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Big Innovation always leads to big disruption


Experienced in the past that big Innovation always leads to a big disruption and affeThict the whole scenario and changed the rule of the game. Such examples happened in the past.

Smart Phone : There are many examples how it is affecting the whole world and productivity can be increased and the cost has been reduced.

Cloud : Proved to be a big disruptor nowadays. Everybody is talking about the cloud. How it is affecting the operational cost.

Taxi App : Nobody has the doubt about the efficiency of this technology and how it is affecting our normal life and how it is affecting the monopoly of the traditional mindset of the people.

Social Media : This is a critical informative innovation in our social behavior. Earlier we forced to think only what the media and newspapers have their views. Now it is evident, how wrong we were. We were forced to think what other wanted to be. This innovation leads to a big disruption in our social arena.

IOT : There is no doubt about this upcoming technology. How it is affecting our real time in decision making. How it is affecting our productivity.

E-Commerce : This has disrupted the whole business scenario and affecting our normal life.

There are few Innovative disruptive technology around the corner will affect us much more in near future ( ET )

  • Wireless charging for laptops
  • Self-driving or Autonomous Cars
  • Hardware for precise touchscreen interactions
  • Keyboards & Touchpads with OLED screens
  • Modular Phones, TVs & Game Consoles
  • Toys that interact with you
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