Raees Gets Banned In Pakistan: Said To Portray The Muslims Inappropriately

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees getting great success in the theaters but now get trapped in another issue. This time the movie gets banned in Pakistan which is calling a big point of loss for the total collection. The updates had come about that the film gets banned in Pakistan as it has some inappropriate portrayal of Muslim. The movie was scheduled to be release in Pakistan on Sunday but now it will nit be able to create its magic there.

The movie is now had crossed 250 crores and having a great response from the audience as well. Shah Rukh Khan’s magic works this time as well and again he had proved that is king Khan of Bollywood industry. Before this, the updates had also come about that the magic of Shah Rukh Khan gets vanished as the previous two films of him was not even touched the 100 crore line.

Talking about the storyline of Raees and Shah Rukh Khan’s work in it was much appreciatable. People had seen the touch of his Don style in this movie. The updates coming behind the ban in Pakistan that, the movie have content which showing the Muslim society more involved in criminal practices. It is also said that that the film have content which shows that it have such content which undermines Islam.

The movie when all set to hit the theaters gets trapped in a big criticism. Many updates about this are also saying that it is an adverse effect of India’s ban over Muslim artist. Raees’s lead actress Mahira Khan was also not allowed to do any kind of promotion of the film at any level.

The makers of the movie said before that it will make the relation of India and Pakistan little sour. Besides this all, this ban is calling to be a negative impact on the Raees collections. The movie is still hitting the theaters in other states and country. Looking towards the upcoming films then Jolly LLB 2 is all set to burn the theaters on this Friday. Stay tuned with us for more updates and crispy feeds of entertainment like this.

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