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‘Ishqbaaz’ TV serial: Anika leaves the Oberoi Mansion


Wednesday’s episode of Star Plus show Ishqbaaz aired at 10:00PM everyday was full of drama and emotions as Anika left Oberoi Mansion after getting fired from her job by Shivaye.

The emotional drama happened after Shivaye fired Anika from her job accusing her of taking Dev to Priyanka’s room. Anika felt sad and left Oberoi Mansion with running eyes.

Dadi and Om tell Shivaye that he hasn’t done right and after Anika did so much for their family, insulting her has made the family standards fall.

Priyanka wants to say truth to Shivaye but Soumaya asks her to wait for Shivaye to calm down.

Tia and Shivaye are together and while giving him a shoulder massage Tia asks Shivaye that how can Priyanka marry a mistress’s son. Anika comes to Shivaye’s thought and he gets angry over Tia.

Sahil asks Anika not to get upset as it was good that she left her job as now they will have more time together. Anika says there is no reason for which she will miss Shivaye but wonders if Shivaye could ‘sense’ her presence without even seeing her, then where has his sense gone now. Anika says that she lied to save Priyanka but Shivaye could not see truth in her eyes.

Dadi tells Jhanvi that she will get Anika back but Tej tells that Shivaye did right by firing her.

Bhua asks Anika to go back and request Shivaye to get her back in the job in Oberoi Mansion but Anika refuses to do so and assures Bhua that she will find a new job soon. Om comes to her home but she doesn’t let him say anything and returns some files to Om.

Both Shivaye and Anika think of each other and feel sad. Om tells Shivaye that he is neither understands neither humanity nor business as by firing Anika he done a loss deal.

Shivaye hears a call on land line and tells Om that he will end Gayatri’s story and leaves. He goes to jungle but doesn’t see the body fallen on the ground and moves ahead.

So Audience must remain tuned with the show as future episodes will bring some real mystery in the show and how Anika puts her dignity at stake to save Shivaye


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