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Ex-Google executive hired by Facebook to strengthen Internet connectivity


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has appointed Google’s co-founder and Fiber exec, Kevin Lo to beef up the infrastructure for its internet connection. The tech giant has always aimed to connect people via an internet connection and present situation tells that Facebook partner with tech giant Google to strengthen its internet connectivity.

As per Re/Code, a famous tech website has unveiled that Mark has pushed Kevin Lo as the Director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments to achieve the company’s uncompleted projects. Few times before,  the tech giant has joined hands with Microsoft to develop a fibre optic cable and now it hopes to take Wi-Fi to the dense urban areas where internet connectivity does not reach properly across the globe.

Later, the news was affirmed by Kevin Lo when he posted on Facebook Page informing that the project would give help the people to get new opportunities, economic growth, and education. He said in a quote that he was excited to inform people that he was hiring on Facebook this month as Director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments. He will provide help to shape their plan and investments with partners to develop wireless technologies and ecosystems that enhance global connectivity.


To be explained, neither Kevin would lead the free basics which is meant to be a plan for developing countries to receive high and cheap internet services, nor Facebook wants to become an internet service provider,  similar Google Fibre. In April, Regina Dugan, Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) was appointed by Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

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