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Humans inherit murderous traits, finds a new study


A new study confirms that evolution and genetics have instigated huge amount of murderous traits among human, and it is the civilization which tamed the savage beast which lives in ourselves. A study published in the Journal Nature says that the researchers have calculated the rate at which more than 1,000 mammal species kill their own kind. This study was conducted under the leadership of Jose Maria Gomez at the University of Granada in Spain.

Researchers found that human beings in the ancient stage have higher rates of lethal violence. The study clearly indicates that humans belong to a mammalian clade which is quite violent in nature, and the DNA of the modern beings too carry the same propensity for violence.

According to Maria Gomez, violence among human beings in killing their own species has reduced considerably in the modern age, and as per latest studies by WHO, the killing rate of human beings each other is 13 in 1000. Maria also added that these figures unveiled by WHO are rough, and it is dependent on many technical variables.

The study makes it clear that even though the killing rate among humans is decreasing, we cannot conclude that our species is not that peaceful like killer whales. It should be noted that even if these whales carry a name ‘killer’ in their front, their interpersonal rate of violence is zero.

Species like cougar, certain baboons, lemurs, and chinchillas are considered to be the most violent animals in our world. These species have a murder rate of 100 per 1000, which is absolutely mind blowing.

The study conducted by Gomez has been appreciated by experts in all areas. Steven Pinker, the author of ‘The Better Angles of Our Nature’ lauded Gome stating that the study is more creative and thorough.

“Modern societies have developed, especially the rule of law, that have reduced rates of lethal violence below what would expect for a mammal with our ancestry and ecology”, said Pinker in an email.

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