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Use of antidepressants in pregnancy can turn invasive for both mother & foetus


Studies confirmed that taking antidepressants during pregnancy may up the risk of delivering a stillborn or a baby with birth defects. We all know that foetus taking the required diet from the mother. Women serve as a resource for an unborn and if she will take some indefinite components then it can give harmful effect to foetus.

Research revealed that women who get prescribed with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in the first trimester of pregnancy can be found at a greater risk of having stillbirths and some congenital anomalies.

Sue Jordan, Professor at Swansea University in Britain gave a statement which depicts care for women and the upcoming generation i.e. “We are not saying stop all medicines, but our message is that we want our health care professionals to be very mindful of this link and to take the appropriate action to ensure that women are given the right type of care before, during and after pregnancy to minimise the risks of congenital anomalies and stillbirths linked to SSRIs”.

In favor of women and upcoming generation, researchers suggested some measures prevent SSRI linked conditions and said all the women who are prescribed with SSRI’s are not the one who plans the pregnancy to be reviewed.

Women will alcoholic habitat can also face severe risk at pregnancy and can have pregnancy related defects.

“Women should not stop taking SSRI without taking advice from a doctor. The benefits and harms of SSRIs and its alternatives which are non-pharmacological like some therapies can be the best option for both mother and child.” said by Helen Doll, Professor at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

According to us the use of antidepressants in pregnancy can be invasive for the child and as a foetus in linked with women thus it can be dangerous to the mother too. A healthy delivery will cover a healthy life of both mother and child. We understand that there could be some reason for use but in that case, one must consult doctor or psychiatrist for a better recovery and results.

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