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Bacteria are hygienic for you, see which ones and how?


Human’s relationship with bacteria is complex. As the word bacteria always leaves a negative effect. But they also lend a helping hand while sometimes causing diseases. However, the other fact says that bacteria are essential for our lives. It might sound weird but its absolutely true. We can’t survive without bacteria present inside our body.

The number of micro-organisms in a human body is ten times more than the number of cells present inside the body. These organisms are known as “intestinal microbiota” which are present in the intestine in a human body. These organisms help us to digest food, increase immunity and helps a body to absorb nutrients.

Cells of the immune system are special types of cells called leukocytes and lymphocytes, these cells protect our body from infectious disease and foreign invaders. The 70 percent of  immune cells are found in the intestine, it is an astounding percentage. All cells in our body work to keep us fit, healthy and keep us away from diseases. According to a fact taking so many antibiotics regularly can kill a “good bacteria” in our body, said by  Professor N. K. Ganguly of  Gut Microbiota and  Probiotic Science Foundation.

Professor N. K. Ganguly also said that probiotics (means ‘for life) prevent many diseases from attacking the human body. However, probiotics can’t cure any diseases, all it can do is to prevent diseases from attacking a human body. We can consume probiotics in the form of food and also as drugs. Curd is the best example of probiotics.

There are many advantages of probiotic, these are bacteria also known as yeasts in simple words. These are very good for our health and especially for a digestive system of humans. The human body is filled with bacteria including both good bacteria and bad one, probiotics come in a good one category because these are good for the body and keep our gut healthy. For more  interesting feeds like stay tune with us.

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