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Dont wear skirts please! Minister Mahesh Sharma advises tourists


In a stunning revelation, Union Tourism and Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma has stirred a controversy by stating that tourists visiting India should not wear skirts. He also said that his ministry is planning to distribute a welcome card to all tourists either by rail or air. These cards will be distributed at the time of arrival.

The card will also showcase information about the various tourists’ sports. Moreover, the card will also have do’s and don’ts, which reportedly will also feature a mention advising women not to roam alone at night. The tourists should also not wear skirts when they travel alone.

Responding to media, Sharma disclosed that the government has opened a helpline number 1363. If any tourists have any problem they can call this phone number. The important cases will be escalated.

Welcome card to be given to tourists on arrival

He said that when a foreign tourist reaches the airport or railway station, they will be provided with a welcome card. It will have various activities which the tourists are allowed to do in India. The card will detail list of activities which the tourists are not allowed to perform, which include skirts issue.

Tourists should not walk on empty roads

As per the information on the card, tourists should not roam alone at night if they are in small cities without much human presence. In such cases, they should avoid wearing skirts. However, this restriction seems to be absent if the tourists are located in big cities.

Commenting on the relevance of the new proposal, Sharma also added that the government suggests that tourists should click photographs of the number plate of cabs they are traveling in. Moreover, they should share the picture with their friends. This will enable the number to be stored and circulated to help law enforcement agencies in case of any adverse activities.

No dress code

In the meantime, Sharma said the government is not planning to introduce any dress code for the tourists and visitors. We want the lives of the tourists to be protected against persons who abuse them.

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