India is developing its defense system through launching various missiles at different times. It is using modern technology in the makeup of its missiles to cope with increasing threats in the region. There are reports that Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has conducted a successful flight test of a new missile. This anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) is an important addition to its missile system. DRDO has conducted these tests in deserts of Rajasthan.

There are also reports that the NAG missile failed to locate the target at day time last year. DRDO had tested it for a range of about 4KM at night time. The missile had hit the targets during night tests. After the hard work of about a year, the successful day test flight has taken place. Now, DRDO has flight tested the missile for a lower range of about 3.2KM in a day time. The missile has successfully hit the two different targets in two different tests.

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DRDO has organized these tests along with many senior officials from Indian Armed forces. The Defense Ministry says that the missile has hit the targets in Tuesday’s mission. The Director General of Missiles and Strategic Systems says that the successful flight test of the NAG missile has further strengthened the defense system of the country.

The successful flight tests of NAG missile mark the completion of development trials of the missile taking place in last year. DRDO has equipped this third generation ATGM with many latest technologies. The missile has IIA seeker with the latest Avionics which is very rare in the world.

The successful flight tests of NAG missile along with its launcher NAMICA have established the successful completion of development trials. It has increased the military powers of the country making defense system unconquerable.