Another rape case was reported in India on Saturday. A 23 years old woman is the victim this time. The incident has taken place in Rohtak. The woman worked for a pharmaceutical company. On May 9, she did not return home. On the report of her parents, the police searched and found dead body near Industrial Model Town, Urban Estate, Rohtak on May 11. The postmortem was carried out at Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences. The head of Forensic Medicine department said, “Findings suggest that it was a brutal rape and murder”.

The dead body was recognized by the mother from the clothes. Her mother told the police that Sumit was harassing her for many days. He wanted to marry her. But, on her refusal, he along with his friends had done this brutal act. Police arrested Sumit from a nearby location. On investigation, he asserted his crime and said that he and his friend Vikas kidnapped her from the office on 9th May. He also admitted smashing her head with bricks till she died. Earlier, postmortem report also confirmed that the skull was badly shattered.

The police also arrested Vikas who is a car mechanic. The victim’s father told the police that she got married in 2014. But due to some reasons, she got divorced. He added that his son, who is two years elder than her sister, is afraid of coming home. The accused are threatening them. Thus, a police personnel is deputed at their house also.

When the police found the dead body, it was decomposed and mutilated. The SP police say that the body has decomposed due to extremely hot weather. Also, there is a possibility that the stray dogs may have mutilated the dead body. But, the rape and murder are confirmed in the postmortem report.

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On initial reports, the police have arrested the two persons. The victim’s family is giving some more names involved in this brutal act. The detailed postmortem report is as under:

“The skull bones are shattered into pieces. The assailants may have used some heavy weapon. The congestion in stomach suggests of some sedatives given to her. This will be confirmed by the chemical examination. The private parts of the body are badly torn which prove the violence in sexual assault. Inside the body, there are no sharp objects found. But, the injuries suggest the usage of some sharp weapons also”.

The police say that they are not confirming about mutilation and decomposition of the dead body. They added, that decomposition is due to hot weather and the mutilation may be a reason of some stray dog’s attacks on the dead body.

The reports say that Sumit works in a private company and Vikas is a car mechanic. The case is still under investigation, and the results will prove some more facts. But, it is very saddening that many such incidents happen in India from time to time. There is dire need of the revision of laws for such kind of cases.