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A checklist to secure your ATM Card from fraudsters


Recently one of country’s largest ATM is under scrutiny for security breach which is causing tension among the customers. The ATM has been hit by malware infestation and now the banks are taking precaution to prevent any kind of fraud.

Earlier, cases have been seen where customers have registered their complaints of fraud that the entire amount has taken out from their ATM but this time the steps have been taken to prevent any big fraud.

Till now many customers are affected and 19 banks have registered the complaint of fraudulent withdrawal through cards, according to NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). The banks who have reported to NPCI, said that the total amount involved in this is 1.3 crore.

If a person is worried they can follow few steps to avoid such situation. The list has been prepared by collecting media reports and speaking to experts. This can be followed universally.

1. With each transaction made, the bank will send a SMS alert only when your number and mail address is registered with them.

2. Cyber security expert says that, “customers should NOT ignore any messages from bank. It might be a transaction that has happened or currently happening.”

3. Mukul Shrivastav, partner, fraud investigation and dispute services, EY India says that, “people should avoid sharing any private information on social networking sites.”

4. Changing debit card pin at regular interval can help in avoiding such situations.

5. When you receive a paper from an ATM, do NOT throw in the dustbin as it contains your account information.

6. Banks do sent an email and alerts when there is any transaction. Why to waste paper!

7. While entering PIN always cover it with your hand as to protect it from strangers.

8. Do NOT hand over your card to any other person at restaurants or somewhere else, you are risking yourself.

9. Check your card when it is returned from counter. At least remember 4-8 digits of your card.

10. There are many other ways to capture your PIN through camera or some other device for personal details, which is called skimming.

Although banks are doing their best to protect their customers from such situations but in the end it lies with the customer to remain alert.

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