Four ordinary pictures are telling a major secret about upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone. Photography experts observed those pictures, and they believe OnePlus 5 may come with dual 16 MP cameras. These pictures are revealing a secret; experts believe that OnePlus 5 is going to be a dream handset for users who love photography. OnePlus 5’s launch date is around August. But those pictures did their job; enthusiasm for the new OnePlus handset is much higher now.

After doing an in-depth research of the leaked four pictures, data analysts found out that someone took those pictures in Shanghai, China. OnePlus is a Chinese company, so it is possible that one test user was using the new handset to check its camera.

The leaked pictures do not look like any other normal picture taken by a camera phone. OnePlus 5 cameras can take on any professional quality camera available in the market. Those pictures are superb. Rumors of OnePlus 5 coming with 1080 x 1920 resolution and 5.5-inch AMOLED display are also true. OnePlus makes affordable Smartphone, and these leaked pictures are making some people very excited.

However, the market researchers for upcoming phones are skeptical about this. They doubt the accuracy of the information. OnePlus may have leaked those data to create enthusiasm for their upcoming product. Phone enthusiasts should take this leaked information with a pinch of salt.

OnePlus came with many versions of their cheap Smartphone. Their biggest asset is their price; anyone can afford these phones. But recently, some Reddit users complained about the brand itself. Some are saying that OnePlus’ warranty does not work. The phone starts to malfunction only after a couple of months’ use.

Four leaked pictures can be the brand new marketing strategy for OnePlus. If it is, then we can say that it is working in favor of them; at least, for now.