Android is the largest platform being used all across the world. This is due to its beautiful, attractive, and easy user interface. The availability of a large variety of applications has also made it an excellent operating system. There are lots of applications on Play store to fulfill the needs of people. Some of these are made by software developers and others by smartphone manufacturers. Samsung has recently introduced many new Android apps to ease the users.

A latest application “Marshmallow” has hit the play store. Smartphone manufacturer giant Samsung has developed this application. It is compatible with many models of Samsung smartphones. These include Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge and all the J-series. It has a lot of features for children. It will help the children to use smartphones in a healthy manner.

It is a believed that smartphones are harmful to children. Thus, this application has gained much value. This Marshmallow app will allow the parents to talk about smartphone usage with the children. Also, the children will learn a different method to interact with phones. It enables them to make their own usage plans, achieve goals and get rewarded.

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Most people are criticizing it as unrealistic. They are of the view that children cannot make their own rules. For example, a child cannot either make a time limit for its usage nor can act at this time. Yet, it helps them earn marshmallow points. He/she can also note the value of gaining and losing points. They can demand gift cards from their parents after earning many points. He/she can use these gift cards for shopping.

Another thing to remember is that this Marshmallow app is not limited to any Android version. It can run on all the Android versions starting from Jelly Bean to the latest.