The market leader in telecom sector Bharti Airtel has launched 4G VoLTE services in Mumbai. Airtel is the second telecom service provider to offer this service in the country. Earlier, Reliance Jio was the company offering 4G VoLTE services to its customers. Airtel has a customer database of about 260 millions. The Airtel subscribers in Mumbai can now enjoy the HD quality voice. The company also plans to extend the services to other cities soon.

The company has also clarified that it is not going to charge extra for providing this service. Instead, the subscribers can enjoy this clear voice over LTE technology at the same rates. This is because the calling charges in VoLTE decrease. Airtel says that it wants to expand the network to all the geographies before March 2018.

Airtel also brings one new feature in this VoLTE technology. This auto switching feature will enable customers always to remain connected to the network. Reliance Jio does not provide this facility. Now, the users can also enjoy quality voice over landline and other network calls.

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Airtel is offering 135Mbps speed through the combination of two different frequencies. The company is going to combine 2300MHz and 1800MHz spectrum. This is the new feature which any other telecom company is not offering.

This new feature will affect Reliance Jio who has already crossed 130 million customers mark by touting its 4G VoLTE feature. Reliance Jio had brought 4G VoLTE feature in December last year. It was the only company offering this feature until now.

Here, it is pertinent to say that Airtel had announced the launch of this new feature on 8th September. And after only the four days of announcement, it has launched the service. The Indians will enter into a new horizon of voice calling.