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NASA calls for help, as unending asteroids heading towards Earth


As per latest updates from the world of science, the human race is facing a similar threat faced by dinosaurs in the past. Credible sources confirm that NASA has called out for aid from several countries to combat the risk factors which will arise, as multiple asteroids have headed towards our planet.

The space agency revealed that the debris from the outer planet is traveling at a speed of 60,000 miles per hour, and experts are all discussing to formulate plans to divert the dangerous rock pieces from hitting our civilization. This is not the first time that asteroids are hitting the earth, but the agency believes that the rate of asteroid impacts will be on the higher side in the coming years.

The initiative NASA is taking to lessen the effect of asteroid impact is by launching a robotic mission to explore a space body which is mammoth in nature. The main goal of the mission is to remove the mass of the asteroid considerably so that it can be diverted to a very stable orbit around the moon.

Apart from asteroids, a good number of astronauts are also expected to be part of this mission. It is very necessary to understand the composition of these heavenly bodies for the successful execution of this project. Experts in NASA also believes that collecting samples from these bodies will also help a lot in conducting the human space mission to Mars comfortably. In this mission, astronauts will also observe the velocity, orbital pattern, and asteroid path.

On the other hand, Chinese astronomer Zhao Haibin of the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing has told that the chances of an asteroid named 2009ES to hit the earth are quite high, and if it happens, then it may mark the end of the human civilization. Now, the path of this asteroid is within 18.8 lunar distance.

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