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‘Ache Din’ originally coined by Manmohan Singh: Nitin Gadkari


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of, ‘ache din’  had been originally coined by his opposition party predecessor Manmohan Singh, but now it stuck around the NDA government’s neck, said by Union Minster Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday.

Nitin Gadkari further added, ‘ache din maanne se hote hai (Good days depends on one’s belief). It was an NRI meet in Delhi that Manmohan Singh had said ‘ache din aayenge’ (good days will come).

When asked when these days will come, Singh had replied, ‘they will come in the future’. Modi said the same thing which has become an issue” said Gadkari

“India is full of unhappy indivuduals. People  need more. If they have cycle ; will ask for motorcycle and those who have motorcycle will demand for car” said Gadkari.

This statement of Gadkari has landed him in a trouble. Congress leader Meem Afzal has said, “ache din slogan was not only a slogan but a promise to every citizen, now as their party has won, they think that ‘ache din’ has arrived (good days has arrived).

Meem Afzal said further, the slogan has been a continuous support for BJP to win the elections, and people used to answer on their behalf, ache din aayenge’ (good days will come). The way Gadkari is giving his statement in a way he is not thinking about his people.

“This slogan has been the focus of elections for Modi’s government. With Gadkari’s statement, they can face problems. ‘Ache din’ will take 25 years to come, and it is not possible to do this in five years” said Amit Shah.

Earlier comedian Kapil Sharma took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on twitter using the same slogan sarcastically while alleging corruption in Mumbai’s civic body, that they demanded bribe to make his office space.



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