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PM Narendra Modi at Heart of Asia Submit: 10 highlights of the meet


Recently PM Narendra Modi and visit at heart of Asia submit and raise his voice against terrorism. The summit was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi and Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani. There are fourteen other nations are going to take part in the same. They both gets together to talk about the basic changes and some major points of concern. PM Modi called for the submit to trap the terrorist agency. Modi says, “Silence and inaction against terrorism in Afghanistan and our region will only embolden terrorists and their masters.”

Modi also says that everyone should come up together to fight the terrorism. 40 countries are participating in the meet.

The key topics discussed in the meet are:-

  • PM Narendra Modi says that we all should make efforts to make the links strong with Pakistan and other countries. He also says that India will support Afghanistan in each and every manner.
  • PM Modi: India will not take a step back and will help Afghanistan in each and every manner to build up the strong relation, not terrorism.
  • Modi traps the terrorism saying that we all should make efforts defeat the terror network.
  • PM Modi added that we should build on the gain of last 15 years to make the relation strong.
  • PM Modi signs towards the purity and strength of Amritsar and says that Amritsar always leads towards strength and equality and they also step forward to the same.
  • President Ashraf Ghani signs towards Pakistan saying if Pakistan does not give support to 30 terrorist groups then the terrorism will vanish totally.
  • President Ashraf Ghani added that Afghanistan people had suffered a lot and this will not be acceptable now.
  • Arun Jaitley seems to support the submit and welcome the delegates.
  • Sartaj Aziz who is the Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser says that terrorism is a point to concern and needs to end now.
  • India had taken a great step and is hosting the Heart of Asia conference for the first time.
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