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China: Coal mine blast killed 32 & injured many


Updates about the blast in coal mine had come in front before. The recent calculations are telling that at least 32 was killed in the blast and many of them get badly injured. The security and safety officials are trying to cope up with the situation. The emergency help had been sent to the place immediately. The blast occurs at China’s Inner Autonomous Region. Before this, the same incidence of the blast had happened in the Baoma Mining Co Ltd in Yuahbaoshan in the city of Chifeng, state-run Xinhua.

The officials can’t start their rescue work as there was poisonous gas and then a family of the workers had been informed about the blast. There were 268 police officials and 119 rescuers at the accidental point. The blast leads to a major damage to lives and property. This accident is the second major blast in a coal mine in China. The causes behind the accident are yet to be determined.

There was 181 people were working in the coal mine that time and 149 of them get succeed to get out. The rest had faced major injuries and some lead to death. 32 workers get stuck in the mine and 30 was confirmed to death yesterday. The search is still going on for the two workers.

The security officials are also trying to find out the cause of the blast in both the mines. The respective blast in a week is a serious point of concern for the authorities. Besides this, the government officials had not announced about any compensation for the family of those who gets died. Stay tuned with us for more updates and latest news like this.

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