In the last episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, we had seen that Kapil welcomes the yoga guru Baba Ramdev in his show. Kapil is famous to get something new everytime for the audience and it is much fun to see him talking with different celebrities. Kapil Sharma had given a new height to the comedy talent and there is no one much succeed in front of him. He had proved himself and hence become the role model for many.

Besides this, the show had to get huge fun and masti for everyone. In the last episode, Baba Ramdev was amazing and it was amazing to see his funny phase. Nobody had known before that Baba Ramdev can be so funny and full of humor. Kapil and Baba have much fun together. Baba Ramdev also seems to teach and showing some Yoga steps to everyone. This was much fun to see them both doing the Yoga steps.

Kapil’s amazing questions and Baba Ramdev’s amazing answer makes everyone laugh. This is amazing to hear Baba Ramdev answering to Kapil in a funny way. The audience gets mad to see the fun out there. This is one of the most amazing episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show.

In today’s episode, we are going to feature Jackie Chan with Sonu Sood. This will be an honor for the show and Kapil himself that a great celebrity will become the part of his show today. It will be great to see Jackie Chan having great fun on Kapil Sharma show and giving answers to his tricky questions as well. Today’s show will go to more blasting with the presence of two amazing celebrities. So, don’t miss to watch today’s show and stay tuned with us for more amazing updates and feeds of The Kapil Sharma Show like this.

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