In the last episode of Chandra Nandini, we had seen that Chaya gets angry on Nandini and taunts her for her behavior. She then asks her to go from there and Nandini leaves getting sad. Roopa gets glad at this. Just then Maliketu goes to Chaya and apologies from Nandini’s side. Chaya tells him that she will take revenge of this from Nandini and will leave magad.

Chaya goes to Chandra and tells that Nandini always tries to get close to Maliketu. Maliketu agrees and then ask Chaya to leave magad. Chandra stops them and calls Nandini there. He taunts Nandini and says that he can’t expect all this from her. He orders her to leave magad after Dadi ma leaves and goes away.

Helina mother tells Helina that she can now get close to Chandra when Nandini leaves from here. Helina recalls Nandini occurred behavior and thinks on. Chandra goes to talk to Durdhara. Durdhara tells Chandra that Nandini can’t do this all and he must need to think about this again. Chandra recalls Chanakaya’s words that he can’t gó by his heart and Chandra shouts getting angry.

Roopa comes there as Nandini and tries to get close to Chandra. Chandra scolds her and Roopa confess her guilt as Nandini. She tells Chandra that she was with Malaiketu as she gets hurt by him. Chandra gets angrier and leaves. Roopa smirks at him. Helina gets glad and praises Roopa for her act.

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Roopa says that she also wants to take revenge from Nandini as she is her twin sister but enjoys all the luxuries. Sunanda tells the story of Helina that how she gets Roopa. She tells that Avantika give birth to twins and the vaidya tells Padmanand that the daughter with a mark will become the reason of his death. Sunanda tells that she had taken the second daughter and then raise her to take the revenge. Roopa says that she will now take revenge from Nandini.

In today’s episode of Chandra Nandini, we are going to see that Chandra and Nandini get in argument and Chandra will push her on the bed. Nandini will make fun of him and smile. Chandra will get happy seeing her laugh and thinks that why will he feel good seeing her happy. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Chandra Nandini like this.