In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we had seen that Shivaye tells about her feelings to Dadi and says that it is hard to choose one from Anika and his mom. Dadi asks him to have the strength and says that Anika was with him. Then the story moves sometime before to Pinky who was yelling at everyone in the house to know where was Shivaye.

She then gets shocked Shivaye coming with Anika and Rudra. Pinky ask Shivaye that why did he get Anika back. Shivaye says that Anika will not go anywhere and will stay with them. Pinky gets shocked and taunts Shivaye that he had got change. Shivaye tries to make Pinky understand and says that he loves her a lot but Aika is his responsibility.

Shivaye then takes Anika from there and Tej taunts Pinky. Anika helps Shivaye in wearing clothes. Shivaya asks Anika that if she was fine and Anika nods. Then Dadi comes to them with Rudra and Om. Soumya also comes and they all make Shivaye understand. Dadi tells Shivaye that he had taken a right decision this time. Shivaya tells about his feeling and Dadi says that Anika was with him and will be.

Dadi tells Shivaye that marriage bond have much strength and it will help both the persons to motivate each other. Soumya and Rudra look at each other and recalls their marriage. Later they all gets happy and inspired by Dadi’s word and says together ‘Dil Bole Oberoi’.

In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz, we are going to see that the story will go to take another turn. A man will taunt Tej and will tell that he had given his words for Om’s marriage to his daughter. Rudra will defend Tej and tells the man that he will marry his daughter as Tej had promised that one of his sons will get married. Soumya will get shocked at this and recalls her marriage with Rudra. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Ishqbaaz like this.