In the last episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we had seen that Ishita, Mr. Bhalla, and everyone come back to home. Simmi asks Mihika about Raman and Ruhi and Mihika tells them about the situation. Adi hears this all and cries badly. Mr. Bhalla asks him to Ishita and console her. Adi goes to Ishita and asks about Ruhi. Ishita tells him everything and says that they will get Ruhi back.

Raman comes back to home and gets angry on Ishita. Ishita tells him that he can’t behave like this. Raman says to Ishita that she had lost her all rights on Ruhi and Ishita gets angry at this. Pihu asks them that why Ishita and Raman are fighting. She also asks about Ruhi. Shagun then goes to talk to Raman but Raman blames Ishita for the situation out there.

Ruhi was in the remand room and Ishita goes to meet her. Raman also goes to her and cries seeing her. Ishita feeds her favorite food and Ruhi cries hugging them both. Then Ruhi gets out of her imagination. Abhishek gets Ruhi’s favorite food and asks her to change her statement. Ruhi refuses to have food and cries. Raman and Ishita both tries to meet to Ruhi but the constable asks them to get permission papers.

Mrs. Bhalla talks bad about Ishita and says that she had spoiled the conditions and because of her Ruhi gets trapped in this kind of situations. Shagun says that Ishita loves and care for everyone and she can’t think bad for Ruhi. On the other side, Ishita keeps thinking on about Raman.

In today’s episode Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we are going to see that Ishita and Raman will try their best to meet Ruhi. They both will get much conscious for Ruhi and Ishita will get aimed that she will get Ruhi out of this. Suhail will bribe the constable at the jail and will ask him to let him meet Ruhi. The constable will allow him and Suhail will go to meet Ruhi. Ruhi will get shocked to see Suhail in front. Now it will be interesting to see that what will Suhail tell him. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein like this.

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