In the Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we had seen Gaura gets angry on Chanda and ask her to be in limits. Chanda asks her to leave her and shouts. Vidya hears this and rushes to their room. Chanda lies to her and says that they just got afraid by the chameleon. On the other side, that girl gets sleep under Jai and Veeru’s bed.

Jaggi goes to Gopi and tells Urvashi, that she come back to home tomorrow. Gopi says that she will take care of Urvashi as she is also her mother. Jaggi gets glad and thanks, Gopi. They both smile and Urmila see them both. She prays for their relation to get more strong. Jai and Veeru fight for the blanket and then Sona takes them both to her room.

The girl then saves Jai and Veeru when they were about to fall. She then pleads them not to tell anyone about her. Jai and Veeru ask her to do their homework and to eat their breakfast. The girl does the same and then Sona gets surprised to see their food finished. Gopi gets a call from the lawyer and gets shocked to know that Kokila had told the inspector not to tell about the court updates to them.

She then gets the call from the hospital and asks the authorities to send Urvashi to home. Gopi asks Jaggi to get Urvashi home. Sona comes to them and tells that she was feeling something unusual with Jai and Veeru.  They all thinks on about the situations in the house.

After that Jaggi gets Urvashi home and Gopi gets glad to see her there. She prays for everything to get right soon. Jaggi then goes to caresses Urvashi and Gopi think on. The goons on the other side try to find a way to get enter in Modi Bhawan anyhow. The goons then get ready as a courier boy and Gopi opens the door for them.

In today’s episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we are going to see Gaura will get shocked to see Vidya coming to her. Gaura was standing but then run to get sit on a wheelchair. Vidya comes to her and asks that why she will be short of breath. Chanda will smirk at this and tells Vidya that Gaura was running and hence gets tired. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Sath Nibhana Sathiya like this.

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