In the last episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we had seen that Kokila’s soul talks to her and says that if she will feel regret then she will get died. Kokila thinks on at this and her soul gets vanished. Someone cleans Jai and Veeru’s room and they get surprised to see their room tidy. Sona and Sahir also get glad to see their room managed so well.

Dharam gets emotional seeing Vidya managing and taking care of Meera’s babies. He says to Vidya that they are facing a crucial situation this time. He cries and says that don’t know when the babies will get their mother’s love. Vidya asks him not to think much as Meera will come back soon. The girl in cupboard takes the apples which Sona gets for Jai and Veeru.

Sona then sees Mona eating the apples and then doubts on her. On the other side, Gopi goes to Jaggi and ask him to have food. Jaggi neglects and Gopi tells him that he must not get tensed about Urvashi. They both feed each other and Gopi hears some sound. They both go to check outside but the girl gets to hide. Then Jaggi asks Gopi not to think much and leave from there.

The girl sees the goons and gets hide in the kitchen. Gopi goes to get water and the girl gets to hide. The girl then mistakenly make the flour container fall and Gopi gets tensed. She calls Urmila and Jaggi. Jaggi tells that might be some cat had done this. Gaura thinks about Chanda’s words and says that how can she become so confident. The girl in the kitchen try to get out but hide seeing Mona and Pari.

In today’s episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we are going to see that the girl will try to get out of the house anyhow but will not get any way to go. Then the goons will come to Modi Bhavan as courier boy and will ask for water. Gopi will go to get water for them and the goons will get enter in the house. The girl will get tensed to see the goons searching for her. Now it will be interesting to see that who will be that girl and can she will get someone’s help. Stay tuned with us for more gossips and updates of Sath Nibhana Sathiya like this.

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