In the last episode of Kasam, we had seen that Tanuja was sad in the temple and prays for Rishi’s happiness. She says that she wants to be with Rishi and don’t want to lose. The temple lady says Tanuja that if she will stay with Rishi as a wife. Tanuja says that this can’t happen as she wants to be with Rishi for the whole life. She cries in front of the goddess and prays her to take change their destiny.

She says that how can this happen if she was important for Rishi but if she will stay with him his life will get in danger then. The temple lady then console Tanuja and prays to the goddess. She says that their destiny needs to be change now as Tanuja can’t stay without Rishi and so that Rishi as well. They both are made for each other and can’t stay without each other’s support.

Tanuja cries and the temple lady feels bad for her. Rishi was in his room when Ahana goes to him with food. Rishi wipes his tears and then lies to Ahana that he was fine. Ahana ask him not to lie with her and gets emotional. Raj hears them and then talks to Ahana when Rishi goes to take a bath. Ahana says to Raj that she wants Tanuja back in the house and can’t stay without her. She says that Tanuja can’t do this with Rano.

Raaj tells the same and says that Rano will never accept Tanuja. The temple lady goes to meet Rishi and tries to make him understand. Rishi was with Rano who ask him to get divorce from Tanuja. Rishi gets much upset and thinks on. The temple lady tells Rishi about Tanuja and but Rishi was not in a mood to understand anything.

In today’s episode of Kasam, we are going to see that Tauja will gets shocked when she will hear someone dealing for her. She will try to get escape from there and to reach Rishi. She will try to get help. Now it will be interesting to see will Rishi can save Tanuja or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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