In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we had seen that Anika goes to meet Shivaye and Pinky enters the room. Anika hides under the bed and Shivaye holds her hand. Then the story moves to sometime before where Anika saying to Pinky that Shivaye will get fine and then leave the hospital. Rudra and Omkara go to Shivaye and he felt restless thinking about Anika.

Rudra says that he have an idea to get Anika there and leaves. Anika also thinks about Shivaye but then stops saying that she had made a promise to Pinky and she can’t break that. She misses Shivaye badly and cries sitting on the road. Pinky talks to a doctor about Shivaye’s condition and Rudar gets Anika in the hospital.

He hides her under the table and gets nervous to see Pinky there. Pinky was about to check the table but Jhanvi calls her and she leaves. They then take Anika inside and Shivaye gets emotional to see her. Pinky comes there and Anika hides under the bed. Pinky then feeds soup to Shivaye and Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. After that Pinky was about to see Anika but looks towards the injection.

She goes to scold the hospital staff. Anika sits beside Shivaye and gets emotional. Shivaye apologizes to her from Pinky’s side and says that Pinky was tensed for him and that is why she had scolded her. Shivaye says to Anika that they will not get separate like this.

In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz, we are going to see that Anika will think on about Shivaye and will get tensed seeing him leaving in the ambulance. She will fall down on the road and Pinky will go to her. She insults her about her standard and warns her again for getting close to Shivaye. Pinky will ask Anika to leave from Shivaye’s life for forever. Anika will cry at this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this.

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