Kapil Sharma is not only a performer or a comedian, but He is also a good friend of Mr. Grover. But that friend turned into an animal on a recent flight from Melbourne. On returning flight from a stage show of Melbourne, Mr. Sharma was drunk and without any provocation, he pounced on Mr. Grover. Mr. Grover kept quite thinking that Mr. Sharma would calm down after the outburst, but he got furious and also physically assaulted Mr. Grover. These all events were confirmed by the witnesses of the flights. However, Mr. Grover or other co-stars didn’t say anything about this incident till date.

The controversy between the TKSS stars Mr. Kapil Sharma, and Mr. Sunil Grover took a new turn when Kapil Sharma tweeted an apology note for hurting his friend cum co-star Sunil Grover. On realizing his mistake, Mr. Kapil Sharma Tweeted on a late night of 20th March to Mr. Grover and apologized to him for his unintentional behavior. He wrote -

On replying to this tweet, Mr. Grover tweet-

On his Tweet, Mr. Grover complemented Mr. Sharma saying “wittiest” and “best in his field” but also suggest him not to act like “God”. He also shared his feelings as being hurt from inside.

On last Monday, Mr. Kapil Sharma shared two different thoughts. Once, Kapil told to media that he didn’t remember any such cases happened between him and Mr. Grover. But after some times, he wrote on social media that it’s common to have arguments for the sake of good works.

Sometimes he wanted to divert the attention of media by announcing the name of his love “Ginni” on social media.

Finally, on a late night of Monday 20th March, Mr. Sharma broke his silence on this matter and wrote the apology tweet to Mr. Grover. He added that such things might happen in a family and All stars, co-stars of TKSS are family.

Now, it’s not confirmed if Mr. Grover has forgiven him or not. Because as per sources, Mr. Grover has already skipped the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show. He is still very much disappointed by all the misbehavior did by Kapil Sharma on the flight.  So, this is not sure till now if the fans can see Dr. Mashoor Gulati on The Kapil Sharma Show or not.