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The recent fight between “The Kapil Sharma Show” Star Mr. Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma may lead to quitting Sunil Grover from the show, sources claimed.  The famous character like Dr. Mashoor Gulati of Rinku Bhabhi may not appear on the show. This is a huge disappointment for the fans of TKSS.

The sources confirmed that Mr. Sunil Grover is hurt a lot by the disrespectful behavior of the host and star Mr. Kapil Sharma. Also, this is not the first time that Sunil Grover himself and the other actors of the show face this type of behavior from Kapil Sharma. Moreover, this time, it becomes a matter of respect for the casts of the show especially Sunil Grover. Thus, he is in no mood to come back to the show. He will discuss with the production house before quitting the show which is Kapil Sharma’s company. Although, the show telecasts on Sony TV.

For the uninitiated, the fight happens on the flight at the time of returning to India from Melbourne after a comedy stage show. The host Kapil Sharma was drunk and misbehaving with his co-actor Mr. Chandan Prabhakar in front of others ladies travelers. He even called his other co-actors Ali Asgar ( aka Naani) and Kiku Sharda (aka Bumper lottery) as “per day artist” or daily wage earners. At this time,  Sunil tried to stop him saying “Paaji, tussi Gaali mat do”. However, he got angry and started abusing Mr. Sunil Grover. Also, Sunil Grover got angry and stood up, but the other casts stopped him.  He then angrily walked towards economy class, but Kapil chased him and hit him.

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When called to Mr. Sunil Grover to know more about the fight, he patiently heard all the questions and responded - “I would not like to comment anything at all on it.”. On asking about his leaving off the show, he  “I really would not like to comment.”. We are unable to contact Ali Asgar whereas Kiku denied any such happenings and labeled Kapil as a “Sweet Guy”.

Meanwhile, as per the controversies of the industry insider, to divert the attention of media from this fight, Kapil Sharma announced his relationship with his girlfriend “Ginni Chartarh” on social media. He tweeted “Will not say she is my better half; she completes me. Love u Ginni. Please welcome her. I love her so much (sic)”.