In the last episode Ishqbaaz, we had seen the goons gets to enter in the party. The sharp shooter then aims at Anika and Shivaye see this. He runs to save Anika and they both gets fall. Then the story takes a turn to sometime before. Anika, Shivaye, and everyone was ready to perform the rituals. Then the sharpshooter enters the party as a dhol player. Then the rituals start and Shivaye looks on at Anika.

After sometime Tej enters the party with Shwetlana. Omkara gets angry to see this and thinks on. The sharpshooter aims Anika but Priyanka comes between. After that Shivaye comes to talk to Anika but Anika neglects him. Shivaye then sees the shooter aiming and shouts her name. Anika gets shocked and Shivaye falls on her.

Everyone gets shocked looking at them. After that Shivaye felt unconscious and Anika gets shocked. They all then take Shivaye to the hospital. Pinky ask the doctor will Shivaye get fine or not. The doctor says that they are trying their best but Shivaye has a heart problem and its critical operation. Anika hears this and was stunned she sits down and Rudra consoles her. Omkara also goes to Anika and says that nothing will happen to Shivaye.

Anika says that Shivaye had saved her life by taking her bullet. She says that she will never forgive herself if anything will happen to Shivaye. Pinky on the other side was much angry with Anika and says that she will not let her stay with Shivaye now. She goes to Anika in great anger.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Pinky will taunt Anika and ask her to stay away from Shivaye. She will blame Anika for Shivaye’s conditions and will say that she had made his life hell. After that Pinky will drag Anika out of the hospital and then push her out. Anika will cry badly and thinks about Shivaye. Now it will be interesting to see that did Shivaye’s life will sustain or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Ishqbaaz like this.

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