Reliance Jio entered into telecom business in September last year. Since then it had started a tariff war and had once again defeated all its competitors in the 4G segment. According to the recent data released by the MySpeed App of TRAI, Reliance Jio had the highest download speed. It also reported about Jio’s improvement in the upload speed.

MySpeed registered a download speed of 16.48 Mbps by Jio. This is estimated to be almost twice the speed offered by its closest rivals in March. Airtel and Idea registered download speeds of 10.439 Mbps and 12.029Mbps respectively. Both these companies suffered a speed drop compared to the February segment. On February, Airtel offered a speed of 11.245Mbps whereas Idea offered a speed of 12.216 Mbps.

On the other hand, Vodafone registered an approximate speed of 7.933Mbps in March. It also suffered a data speed decrease compared to February segment (8.337Mbps). It is true that Jio has the highest speed, but it too suffered a speed loss. It’s February segment recorded a speed of 17.427Mbps whereas the December segment had a speed of 18.146Mbps.

Till now Jio’s total number of subscribers stands to be over 100 million and this number is still increasing. With the increase in the number of subscribers, the speed may decrease further. Jio registered an upload speed of 3.581Mbps in the month of March. This speed is up by 2.208Mbps than the February data. Airtel has stabilized its upload speed at 4.455Mbps. Vodafone showed a little increase and recorded a speed of 5.236Mbps on March.

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The idea had a dramatic fall in the 4G upload speed. It led the market in February with a speed of 7.497Mbps. It registered a speed of 6.536Mbps on March, although it retained the top spot.

The Telecom Market at this point is very unstable. Every company is desperately trying to take the top spot. Jio with its low-cost plans and free voice calls is giving a tough competition to its rivals. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea are the three top companies who have been randomly pushing new and cheap plans to retain their users. As a result of which, it can be expected that the data will again fluctuate a bit in the month of April.