Google has introduced the first-ever code to “Copyless Paste” feature. This new feature would be available in the Chrome app that would be running on Android Operating System. This feature will take data from the Chrome usage. It will then use the data to improve the experience of the users in other apps as well.

The Android users can now enable the “Copyless Paste” feature in the Chrome browser. They can introduce the same in “chrome://flags” in Chrome Canary for Android. However, it is said that turning this feature on would not do anything special.

The description of the flag explains the feature. This comes useful if the users have glanced at a restaurant website and then have switched to the Maps app. Then, the keyboard would suggest the name of the particular restaurant. This can be then entered in the search bar. Therefore, the new feature would offer ease of use and access to the Chrome users.

The best feature is that the data is stored locally, it is never sent to Google. This ensures the security of the users.

Chrome flags offer great functionalities to the users. These can be used to enable or disable the feature in Chrome. These could be used for those features that might not be fully standardized or implemented. This might also work well for the buggy functions.

As per the recent report, Google has already started working on this feature. The work has started in February itself. Therefore, it is presumed that the “Copyless Paste” feature would come in a few months’ time.

The copyless paste feature of Google would follow the Apple’s introduction of keyboard suggestions for certain texts like addresses. Currently, the feature is not designed for the Incognito mode users. The low-end devices too cannot take its advantage.