The researchers are constantly studying Mars planet to explore more of it. Different researchers on the Martian climate have proved that the life may be possible on this planet. But, new research on the soil of the Red Planet has killed all the hopes. This new research shows that the soil of the Mars is not suitable to support life on it. Earlier, the researchers thought that there are signs of the presence of water on the planet. Water is also one of the essentials of life. But, this new research has turned down all the claims. The Astrobiologists from Edinburgh University has proved through various experiments that the soil of the Mars is not conducive for the existence of life on it.

Microorganisms like Bacteria are a lot necessary for human life. The Mars soil is rich with a salt named Perchlorate. This salt is also present on Earth’s surface but in minimum quantity. This salt is dangerous for the existence of microbial life on the Mars. Although, the experiments prove that it can maintain its liquid position, yet the UV rays combined with this perchlorate kills the bacteria within seconds.

The researchers have conducted different experiments by increasing and decreasing the quantity of perchlorate in soil. They have made Mars-like soil and tested that the bacteria are unable to sustain. The researchers have used Bacillus Subtilis bacteria for experiments.

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The perchlorate present on the soil of Mars kills the bacteria 11 times faster than its natural death. This is because it consists of one chlorine and four oxygen atoms. The research has proved that it is dangerous for any kind of life on the planet. The researchers are repeating the experiments under several Mars-analogous conditions. But, the results are the same that the microbial life vanishes within seconds due to the presence of perchlorate. Thus, the signs of the presence of water on the surface of the planet are not enough to believe the presence of life on the planet.

Now, the main challenge for the researchers is to find the difference between perchlorate found on Earth and Mars. On the Earth, perchlorate is in excessive quantity in Chile. They have to extend their studies further to find signs of any life in subsurfaces of the Martian soil where it is not exposed to such conditions.