The expensive US visa rules were declared by the UK Home Office just last year. This will be in effect from 6th April 2017. This will affect several Indians as well as the nationals from outside the EU (European Union).

There will be major changes in the Tier 2 division of the visas. This is the route that makes use by several Indians and the other nationals outside EU.

The companies that hire the workforce from outside the EU like the Indians will face effects too. They will spend extra 1000-pound “Immigration Skills Charge” on an annual basis. This was announced in March last year.

The UK Home Office announced that the new rule is set at 1000 pounds per year for each employee. There is a reduced price of around 364 pounds to the small as well as the charitable organizations. The new rule will reduce the total businesses that are bringing the immigrant workers. It will also help in the training of the British employee to fill the positions.

An exemption of the charge might affect the individuals in several ways. It implies that it will not apply to the PhD-level education and jobs. It will also apply to the international students in switching from the student’s visas to the working visas. The UK Home Office added that this is a protective method to hold the talented students and workers. These might be vital for the growth of the Britain economy.

The latest charge is one of the major changes in the Tier 2 UK visa process. This is with an effort to reduce the number of immigrations from the countries outside the EU. It is also aimed at the tightening of the visa regulations.

The UK government recently made another announcement. It was that the jobs like nurses, teachers, and the social workers would need to present a certificate. This certificate will claim whether the workers have any criminal cases or records. The certificate will be from the native country.

It was recently announced that the minimum salary limit granted to a Tier 2 visa would also rise. There will be a rise from 20,800 pounds to 30,000 pounds for most of the jobs. The jobs on the shortage occupations list convey easier visa norms. The latest rules are part of the tougher measures introduced by the UK. This comes after the recommendations made by the Migration Advisory Committee last year.