Finally. Today humanity has won its combat. The apex court has ordered to hang four out of six convicts of Nirbhaya rape case. This heinous crime was executed by 6 people in 2012, and the girl lost her life. These four men are Vinay, Pawan, Akshay, and Mukesh. Ram Singh who was one the six accused hanged himself in prison. Another of them who was a juvenile that time was sent to reform home in August last year.

The Supreme Court while delivering the order said that this murder case was the rarest one. We are bound to give them the extreme punishment to ensure justice. This is a really a marvelous decision taken by the honorable court. In fact, such steps will stop similar incidents from happening in the future. When the court read out its verdict, an echo aroused. The crowded courtroom was filled with applauds.

Back in March 2014, the convicts of the rape case appealed the Delhi High Court when the trial court ordered to hang them in 2013. Delhi High Court also rejected their plea. Later, they approached Supreme Court but failed to secure their life.

Today, Nirbhaya’s parents are surely on top of the world as their daughter has got justice. The criminals who have committed this brutal, barbaric crime don’t really deserve any leniency. Not just Nirbhaya’s father but the whole nation has similar feelings. The order is appreciated by the whole country.

Six men raped a 23-year old medical student in a moving bus in Delhi. Her intestine was pulled out. After the rape, she and her male friend were thrown out of the bus. She was sent to AIIMS for immediate treatment. But because of her critical condition, she was moved to Singapore hospital On December 29th; there she lost her battle for life. The accused really deserve this punishment. The only thing that makes us sad is why this decision is taken so late. They were to be hanged immediately. Unfortunately, we are bound by laws and regulations.

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Nirbhaya’s parents have similar feelings. Before the hearing this morning, her mother, Asha Devi said that not just the apex court, even supreme God would not forgive such people. They must be sentenced to death. She said that only death penalty was the right punishment for these criminals.

Talking to media, she said that they had full trust in the judiciary system and they were sure that the apex court would order the death sentence. She added that Supreme Court would surely do justice to their beloved daughter and would set an example for the world.

When media approached the defending lawyer of these criminals, he said that it was not fair to give death sentence just to set an example for the society. Mr. AP Singh who is fighting the case of these convicts added that justice was not done. They would file a review petition against this order.

Today court has praised the work of Delhi Police for arresting the criminals. The SC added that the probe done by Delhi police was commendable and fair. It has passed all tests of fairness and reliability. Based on the medical evidence, the death sentence is fairly justified.

Five years back this rape case had shocked everyone. Everyone was moaning when they have heard this brutal rape story.  But today Nirbhaya has got justice; her soul may now rest in peace.