In the last episode of Naagin 2, we had seen that Rocky and Shivangi talks to each other and Rocky thanks her for not killing anyone. Shivangi the leave and Rocky hears Yamini behaving unusually. Shesha and Avantika manage the situation and takes Yamini from there. Maheesh then meets Shivangi and says that she had to give his horn back. Shivangi neglects and Maheesh warns him to kill the family members.

Shantanu goes to cut the cake but the chandelier falls on him. Everyone gets shocked. Maheesh warns Shivangi that if she will not give his horn then he will kill Aaliya in next three hours. Shivangi gets tensed and gets a kadha to save Sushant. Sushant drinks the kadha and his wounds get healed itself. They all thanks Shivangi and Shivangi gets tensed.

Shivangi stops Aaliya when she was going with Maheesh. Maheesh warns Shivangi again and Shivangi goes to talk to Rudra. Rocky comes to talk to Shivangi but she leaves. Then Shesha goes to Rocky and brainwashes him against Shivangi. Shivangi and Rudra exchange their identity and Shivangi goes to meet Guruji. Guruji asks Shivangi to trap Maheesh anyhow.

Avantika sees Maheesh going and follows him to the shiv mandir. Shivagi calls Maheesh there and Maheesh starts asking for his horn. Shivangi puts cold water on Maheesh but was unable to get nagmani. Yamini, Shesha, and Avantika go to the temple nd gets the horn. They then head to the back room of Shiv temple to get the nagmani.

In the house, Rocky meets Shivangi and says that he wants to talk to her. Shivangi then felt unconscious and Rocky takes her to room. He gets shocked to see her body cold. He removes his and her cloth to give her some warmth.

In today’s episode of Naagin 2, we are going to see that Maheesh will strangulate Shivangi badly and will torture her for returning his horn. Shivangi will get shocked and tries to get away. Shesha and Avantika will go to the back room by searching for Maheesh. They will enter the house. Now it will be interesting to see that did they will see the fight between Shivangi and Maheesh. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Naagin 2 like this.

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