In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, we had seen that Raina was shocked to see the boy coming towards her as Braham rakshas. On the other side, Nalina and Kammo plan to kill Sudha to get the property. Dadi comes there and they both starts making excuses. He was about to kill Raina but Narsimha wakes up and Brahamrakshas hide. Then Narasimha goes to kill Raina but Rishab stops him.

Yug gets Raina home and Dadi asks them about the whole situation. Raina tells that how Brahamrakshas attacks her and she felt unconscious. Yug goes to his room and says that he can’t kill Raina as Narsimha will not leave him. Yug goes to Kanakaraj and asks that why Brahamrakshas afraid of Narsimha. Kanakaraj tells him that Narsimha is more powerful then Brahamrakshas.

Rishab comes back to home and Raina goes to him getting tensed. Narsimha inside Rishab ask him to kill Raina but Rishab pushes her away and goes to his room. Rishab locks the door while Raina keeps on knocking it. Yug again goes to Kankaraj and ask him to tell that how he can become more powerful then Narsimha. Kankaraj tells him that he have to kill Rishab’s weakness who was Raina and Sudha.

Raina tries to talk to Rishab but he walks out of the room. Raina thinks that Rishab doesn’t want to risk her life and hence fighting with Braham Rakshas alone. Raina searches for Sudha and asks Rishab about her. She then sees Rishab going somewhere and follows her. Yug turns in Brahamrakshas and provokes Rishab. Then Narsimha comes there and beat Brahamrakshas badly.

Raina saves Sudha and asks for Rishab. Brahamrakshas ask Kanakaraj to heal his wounds. Raina takes Sudha home and Mitali asks about Rishab. Ved asks Mitali to leave the house soon.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Yug will attack Raina when he will found her alone in the house. He then lifts up Raina and will take her to the asur sthal. There he attacks Raina who will be unconscious. Now it will be interesting to see that will Yug gets to succeed in his intention. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips BrahamRakshas like this.

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