Akshay Kumar is  one of the most versatile actor of Bollywood industry. At the occasion of biography launched of famous Indian wrestler Dara Singh who was then turned into an actor. 47-year-old actor who does his own stunts and proved his mettle in the Bollywood, launched the biography of late Dara Singh on his 88th birthday. At the launching event of Dara Singh’s Biopic the actor said that he want to play a role of great wrestler turned actor on the big screen, he wish to do it. Seema Sonik Alimchand is a writer of the biography of prominent wrestler, “Deedara aka Dara Singh” is a name of a book. The book is about Dara Singh’s Life.

‘Deedar aka Dara Singh’ is linked with every aspects of wresler’s life. Dara Singh the Proud of a nation died in the year of 2012. Wrestler became actor played many roles in movies,  the last movie in which he acted was ‘Jab we Met’ started Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor in which Dara Singh played a role of grandfather of Kareena.

Vindu Dara Singh, the son of late Dara Singh is also a part of film industry, he also an actor who have played many different roles in different movies. Although, he has shared the screen with very talented Akshay as supporting actor in some movies, ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ is one of them.

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On the biography launch, Akshay talked about the obstacles of playing role of Dara Singh. “I need at least two years to put on that kind of bulk and look like a wrestler to portray his role as Dara Singh was a huge man and I have to justify his appearance.” Akshay said to news agency IANS.

Akshay himself belongs to wrestler family as his father was a wrestler. He told about an experience related to popular wrestler Dara Singh, he speaked about he got the ticket of the show  in which Dara Singh had to come for commencement. He said to IANS: “Once, Dara Singh saab came for an inauguration. Somehow, I managed to get three tickets and I went there with my sister and father, who was also a wrestler”

At the end of the event Vindu Dara Singh thanked Akshay. The role of Hanuman in Ramayana is most remembered role of his filmy career.