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Rumor: Moto E 2016 3rd Gen will have two models, XT1700 and XT1706


Rumors have started surfacing on the Internet suggesting that after serving ‘the best handset in the budget segment’, Moto E (2nd gen), the Lenovo-owned Motorola is likely to launch its next pocket-friendly smartphone. According to a rumor, the company will unveil its Moto E (3rd gen) smartphone this year.

The upcoming smartphone by Lenovo is spotted with two model names, XT1700 & XT1706, which hints that the next Moto E will be launched in two variants.

In February last year, the Moto E (2nd gen) was also announced in two variants. One of them offers only 3G connectivity, while, the other one allows the device to be used in 4G network as well. Hence, it could be believed that the Moto E (3rd gen) will also be launched in two variants.

However, citing the leaked prototypes the models could be Moto G (2016) and Moto X (2016). As a fan group, HellomotoHK has recently posted an image of Moto X Plus showing leaked specs of the phone. In addition, the group also shared pictures of the purported Moto G 2016 and Moto X 2016 prototypes in February.

Earlier this year, the company refuted the rumors, which suggested that Motorola planned to kill the Moto E and Moto G series. The smartphone maker said that both of the lineups will live.

Talking about the rumored technical specifications, Moto E (3rd gen) will be running on a higher version of Android Marshmallow operating system. It will feature a 1GHz MediaTek MT6735P processor bundled with 2GB RAM and ARM Mali-T720. The manufacturer has packed the smartphone with 16GB of internal storage with microSD card support. The dual-SIM handset will also support dual 4G standby.

On photography front, the Moto E (3rd gen) is rumored to boast an 8-megapixel of autofocus image snapping tool with LED, which is coupled with a 5-megapixel of user-facing selfie shooter. It will flaunt a 5-inch HD (1280×720 pixels) display.

As far connectivity is concerned, the handset will support all major standards including, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and microUSB. It will also feature accelerometer, compass, gyroscope light sensor, and proximity sensor.

3D Graphics Performance of Lenovo XT1706

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  1. 5″ display? Figures… One reason I got the Moto E 2nd Gen was because it was actually a mobile smartphone, not a cumbersome wannabe phablet. Or: I quickly began hating my last phone (S4 Active), because it was too big (& thin, even w/ a case; awkward junk). Yeah, TouchWiz aesthetics & bloat, & the suppressed red-underline spellchecker also stung (not even officially supported in Chrome for Android). Now, the S3 had hit the sweetspot in terms of size, which is about where the M E2 sits.

    Great. Even if I could afford a Sony Z5 Compact (which even that has bulked up), there’s no way a smartphone is worth, what, $400-$500? I’m not a heavy user, yet w/ M E3 I can pay far less for more? More of what I don’t need. Okay: more RAM, compass, flash, & better cameras are welcome. But my habits include light calling & texting, mostly music, w/ a tablet for mostly web, email, & video. I sometimes use Google Maps, & the 2 mobile games I have installed are very basic (I game on dedicated hardware). Even when I do resort to using my M E2 for web, email, & video, I’m still able to do so adequately. Plus, I refuse to buy anymore phones online as I’ve gotten burned doing that.

    I have long fingers, but my S4 Active & an LG V10 were still cumbersome to operate; good luck operating those one-handedly. This bloating trend even got me back into feature phones, yet that was an excersise in futility. Oh but M E2’s screen-size is so intuitive…of course a company & the masses would crap all over it. Yeah, because big is best for tech, especially “mobile” devices, right? “Screw portability & sensibility: we need us some decadence, & if it ain’t broke, make it bigger so it breaks easier! Yee-haw! That thar Lenova company be Chinese, but they know us ‘Mericans real good. USA! USA!” smh

    5″ display?! What. A. Joke. Too big for a smartphone, too small for a tablet; either way, a joke.

    First the M E2 is deprived of promised OS upgrades in the US, now the prospect of M E3 destroys one of the best aspects of the M E2 — the intuitive, one-handed screen-size. HTC, Samsung, LG, now Motorola… Who will let me down next? Sony’s already too expensive & themselves on shaky financial ground. Google is already too expensive & hates the pro-consumer SD card. Blackberry Android is seems ill-suited for me. I despise Apple. Difficult to go retro when companies quickly discontinue their products, when updates are necessary for basic functions & security, & used devices are too risky. Been an Android user since Froyo, & things were improving. But I’m really starting to hate these decadent dumbphones, & Android’s OS, too. Starting to hate most industries for much of the same BS. What the Hel happened to the fundamentals? Sensibility?

    I’m in my early 30s; can’t imagine how curmudgeonly I’ll be when I’m an actual codger.

  2. Eric Schwartz

    For me, It looks like Motorola will win the best cheap phone of 21st century. According to topmobiletrends, Motorola Moto G has micro SD support, a 13MP rear cam, a 5MP front cam, a 5-inch 720p LCD display, and a hefty 2470mAh non-removable battery.. there’s still a possiblity that you could upgrade it in a cool, high-tech way. In addition, as this article had mentioned here Moto E will be great in my prediction. Cheers for Motorola!

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