Smartbands are one of the most liked wearables nowadays. Various smartphone manufacturing companies are launching these bands with different qualities. Today, a leading company Intex has launched its Smartband at a competitive price of Rs. 1499. This company started to make FitRist bands in 2015. This newly launched band FitRist Cardio is an improved version of that FitRist band.

Specs wise, this band has an OLED display of 2.18cm. Its resolution is 96X32 pixels, and the weight is about 26g. It also has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity which enables it to connect with both Android and iOS. But this connection requires Android version of 4.4 or greater and iOS 7 or later. This Smartband has 80mAh battery power which can keep it on for seven days. It is capable of receiving OTA updates if connected with a smartphone.

Another very important feature of this Smartband is its water resistance. There is also a heart rate sensor which records the heartbeat. It can also monitor steps and tell a number of burnt calories. Users can track time of their activities and make a schedule for these. It also has a sleep sensor to watch the sleeping patterns. You can also set different types of alarms for various scheduled activities.

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It can also give Facebook, WhatsApp, and other message notifications. It is also capable of showing call notifications both on Android and iOS. On Android, it shows incoming calls with caller ID, but in iOS, it shows calls with phone numbers. This band can control many smartphone functions if connected with it. For example, users can control playlist and even camera of their smartphones.

It also has an anti-lost mechanism. This makes it easy to track the band easily if lost. The official sources say that this band will fulfill almost all the requirements of the users. They also vow to further improve it due to a warm reception from the public.