Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Earlier, all the users used it freely without any security concern. But with the passage of time, needs arose to make it a more secure platform. The developers are working hard to make it more reliable and customer friendly. They push various updates from time to time. One such update is pushed by Facebook recently, and it is hitting the devices across the world. This update is particularly useful for group admins. It allows group admins to set up a questionnaire for newcomers.

The process is that when a new person wants to join a group, he/she sends the request to group admin. Group admin asks him three questions. On the basis of his/her answers to these questions, the admin decides whether to include the person in the group or not. It is a lot useful for groups made for a specific purpose.

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The new members will answer the questions in 250 characters. The chat would only be visible to group admin and moderator. Also, unless it is approved by the group admin, the potential member would not be able to edit the answer.

One thing is very important for the success of this process -  the competency of the group admin. If the admin is competent, a strong community will be built. This update is rolling out before the Communities Summit for groups.