After the successful Mars Orbiter mission, ISRO is thinking bigger than the previous achievement. This Mangalyaan has completed 25 months in the space and now ISRO is thinking big and plan to have second Mars Orbiter mission.

Now India has the aggressive plan to expand its mission and focus on studying more about the red planet. However, the union minister of state under PMO has not revealed much and clarified that there is not a much further experiment in mind as of now. But the future of  ISRO mission will be a  big leap in this coverage and activities.

Earlier ISRO launched its MOM-1 from Sriharikota aboard workhorse PSLV on September 24, 2014.  ISRO use the clever step to use of the gravity to push the craft into a transfer orbit slowly and after a long six-month travel reached the red planet.

However, the first mission didn’t carry the other scientific instrument because it already carried a large amount of fuel. But the next orbit mission will be the most powerful rocket in the GSLV category and can be carried a much heavier load.  This next mission Mars Orbiter Mission -2 ( MOM-2) will carry more scientific instrument.

All people are dreaming and wishing to take off to Mars and How can the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will manage the mega event. So ISRO is seeking the scientific proposal for next mission and will make sure that this mission will be the closer look at the red planet.

24 month before the India’s last Mars Orbiter Mission was launched back in 2014 and it is still in operation, This is very useful for the different mission for the country and Indian space strategy. Along with putting India squarely with the best space powers out there, it has also provided us with a plethora of rich data.

Earlier we noticed that the prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi was lauded about the cost effectiveness. It is the matter of observation, how the MOM-2 will be cost effective and better productive.

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