Australian former cricketer Shane Warne, known as the king of spins has always been in limelight not only for his controversies but also for his keen interest in young women. Warne has three beautiful children with his ex-wife Simone Callahan.

Warne linked with Bachelor’s rejects Kiki Morris and Zelda Williams, and now he has spotted again at a charity poker event for National Breast Cancer Foundation with season 2 star Zoe O’ Brien, last week.

Zoe couldn’t restrain her excitement and went gaga over Warne by posting a photo of her and Shane on Instagram with a caption “’Ended up taking home this bad boy for dad for Father’s Day. The poster, not a Shane Warne himself”. She is in complete awe of this king of spin.

This is not a first time when Shane has shown his interest. He has his sights set on former Australia Bachelor star. He came under the criticism of texting a woman while on tour in South Africa, accused of sending some lewd messages. He lost his captaincy after sending some erotic text messages to British nurse.

There were allegations of his extramarital affair which led to a separation with his wife Simone in 2005. There were reports of Warne and Elizabeth Hurley kissing, and they announced their engagement in late 2011. The couple created a media buzz when Hurley moved into Warne’s Brighton mansion. On December 17, 2013, the couple had called off their engagement.

He is constant in sending messages to Kiki with his unbeatable charm. He even tried his luck with Zilda and expressed his interest in her busty photo.

This doesn’t stop Warne, and he sends request to Zoe on Facebook to which she responds gleefully, ‘So this friend request just happened … if it’s the real Shane Warne I can only imagine how many levels of jealousy you are experiencing now.’

Warne’s continuous efforts will not go in vain!!!

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